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Why choose screen printing?

Screen Printing PortlandAt BluePDX.com we have been providing screen printing and design for over 5 years. Occasionally customers ask us to describe the different methods to custom t-shirt printing. We hope that this short post would help you understand the two primary printing methods: screen printing and heat transfers.

What’s the main difference between screen printing and heat transfers? The simple answer is heat transfer doesn’t  provide commercial quality print. When printing ink on the garment it doesn’t penetrate the garment like screen printing does. Thus, it doesn’t last as long, and after a few washings you may begin noticing small cracks, peels or fading. Screen printing on garments breaks the small ink particles apart and helps absorb the color into the layer of the garment. Custom screen printing works with any t-shirt color and style; while iron on transfers are best used with lighter colored t-shirts. If you are planning to print a larger quantity it is advised to go with screen printing because it is cheaper, provides better quality, and lasts longer.

To achieve quality commercial screen printing with plastisol or water based ink does require a larger investment and order size. On the other hand, iron on transfers are great for small production and occasions.

Screen printing is versatile and you are able to print on many different fabric choices. This printing can be done on nylon, spandex, as well as cotton. As long as the garment can be placed on a flat surface – then it can be printed. Screen printing inks are also available in many choices of feel and color. They can now be found in glow in the dark, metallic, and many fluorescent colors, water based and plastisol. These colors provide you with the ability to create one of a kind designs, and lets you explore many options.

If you need ideas or have questions feel free to browse around our website and call us with any questions. We are here to help you choose the right product for your business, event, or your organization. We have many options and experience to help you save time and money.