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With design and printing under one roof, we can offer you these benefits:

  • Increased accuracy. The same person who produced the graphic design is involved in the screen printing set-up as well.
  • Time savings. Our one stop design and printing services means you spend less of your valuable time getting your project started.
  • Competitive pricing. We believe you deserve the best value in town or on the internet. Our goal is great pricing without any loss of quality.

Graphic design –

Our custom in-house design services provide you with the ultimate in creative expression. We design and print making it the best solution for your organization or business.

Screen printing –

Our in-house screen printing gives you more control. We not only provide screen printing on T-shirts, sweats, jackets and other garments, we also screen print recyclable grocery bags, totes and anything else that’s flat.

Event Sales –

Do you have a fundraiser or special event coming up? Turn to BluePDX for a solution that doesn’t leave you facing a “fire sale” at the end of the event. Rather than screen print a whole bunch of t-shirts, hats, sweats, etc. and hope they will sell, turn to us.

We can prepare a website for your event, and only print what is ordered at a fraction of what it would cost to print individual items after. Then we set up a booth at your event. We bring our heat transfer equipment and our great selection of clothing. Then attendees choose the clothing item they want along with the transfer they want. We apply it right there and pass on the savings of every sale we make.

Don’t want to have a special design for your event? We can bring an assortment of attractive heat transfers to complement our clothing line. Our booth is sure to attract buyers. For every sale we make at your event, we give you 25% of profit just for inviting us.

Same Day Shipping –

Have a tight deadline? We’ll use same-day shipping to get the order to you.