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Our Process

We like to share with our customers information about basic screen preparation and setup required to achieve quality and long lasting impression. We hope this will help our past and future customers understand what goes into creating a one of a kind screen print products.

[quote] At BluePDX, we unite talent and passion with creative work. That’s why our process always delivers value. We focus our methods on systems that execute on budget and on time. Why does this matter? It allows us to provide true client-to-project transparency and a way to serve you better. Our streamlined workflow from concept to execution is designed with one thing in mind – You deserve better screen printing service time and time again! [/quote]

The first step to quality screen printing setup would be attaching your design within the product page or emailing it to our design department: info@bluepdx.com

Once we receive that design, we look at the quality of design to make sure it meets our required guidelines; a design needs to be at least 150 dpi resolution with approximate print size dimensions. We then come up with a composite proof for you to see what that design will look like on the selected printed garment (tees, sweatshirts, bags, and more).

Our proofs are then emailed in (.pdf) format that show you the ink colors used in the order, the approximate dimensions on garment, and specific print location you have instructed in your order.

We do not begin screen printing until your final confirmation of the proof and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

After we finalize the proofs and get your approval, we continue to the next stage of producing the output films that are used to make the screens. Each film is a composite of single color and printed according to specific colors and location.

Each color in the design requires a new screen setup that must be blocked, taped, and setup. Just imagine all the work required just for setup of screens, you can easily see why screen printing is best used for bulk quantities.

After the screens are prepped the fun part begins and we print each ink color according to location and look and feel desired using “flash” or “dry” between each color layer, this way we deliver you bright and professional quality screen print time and time again.