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GIVE YOURSELF A SPRING BREAK. No set-up fees. No bounced checks. No hassle.

At BluePDX we offer free online t-shirt store, low minimums, and fast turn-around service. You can create awareness, create a better event, celebrate victory, and last but not least not worry about fulfillment. We are glad to help with your event or fundraiser. Contact us today.

Your personal online store can make all the difference. People are more likely to buy when it’s simple, secure, and quick to use. It will help you raise funds and sell more, all you do is direct people to the online store we setup on our website.

Here is how to get started:

  • Fill out the sign-up form
  • Make sure to upload your design that will go on a t-shirt and personalize the message a bit, telling us and your audience why you decided to start your store.
  • When you complete the sign-up form, we will get in touch with you in 12-24 hrs and finalize the design and order.
  • We will setup your store, update the design, launch your fundraising campaign, and help you get the word out.

Two Store Options:

Online T-Shirt Store Solution

Sell merchandise to your group online. Track sales and reports in one place. No more worry about delivering orders to your supporters. Just sign-up and let us know about the event. We will handle the setup, printing, and fulfillment.

Online Fundraising Solution

Need a quick solution to raising funds for your next event? Look no further then BluePDX fundraising. We have just the right solution that will get people talking and supporting your cause.

Organizations with fundraising needs pitch them to the community. Each fundraiser has a minimum goal that it must reach in order to be funded.

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing for any organization or business. BluePDX features social media plugins for marketing with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to make it easy for your current supporters to spread the word, and show others the great things said about your campaign. Community “backers” support the ideas by pledging capital in exchange for rewards, like a pre-order of a limited edition t-shirt.

If the fundraising goal is exceeded with all backers committed your organization instantly receives the profit made. We’ll handle the screen printing, shipping, and send you the profit. Fundraising fee is just 3.5% on credit card processed plus the cost of screen printing. — enabling everyone to use our platform. Get started with your fundraising today!


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