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Does a screen printing company have to be large to do good work?

We say no! In fact, our compact size means we have a flexibility that larger companies often lose.

How do you calculate my price?

BluePDX calculates your price by starting with a basic charge for the shirt style you choose. Each color cost $1.95, so if you choose to have a two-color screen print design, we will charge you $3.90 for the ink. We offer further discounts on orders over 100+ shirts. For example, the ink charge drops to $1.18/color. At BluePDX, we don’t charge set-up fees for order over 50 shirts. We don’t charge separate design fees. Our flat-rate fee structure guarantees there are no surprises.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is 10 shirts or other item in any style and combination of sizes.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer a 10% discount on orders of 30+ identical items. For example, if you order 30 T-shirts in one size and color, we can pass on the break we receive for ordering identical lots.

Will you help me with my design?

Yes, BluePDX would be happy to help you with your design. We offer full service custom design and screen printing at competitive prices. You will find that our prices are comparable and in many cases lower than our major online competitors.

How can I be sure my design will be laid out the way I want it?

We check every design before we start production to make sure everything is aligned and ready to print, absolutely free to you. Don’t worry about getting your design perfectly centered in the design studio! If it looks like you were trying to center your design, we automatically do it for you. We always double check to make sure your design is aligned exactly the way you want it on the item you have ordered. We send you a picture proof for approval before we run the job, just to be sure! We want you to love the finished product.

Can I get a sample before I place my final order?

Sometimes nothing beats the peace of mind you get by seeing, touching or even testing the fit of a garment before placing your order. That’s why we don’t mind sending a blank  shirt sample to your door whenever possible. If you’d like to arrange for this service, give us a call at (360) 609-6937. We do charge a deposit plus the cost of shipping. The deposit is fully refundable when you return the sample to us.

How do I order my design with different products, colors, or styles?

We take consecutive separate orders with detailed notes attached to each order. We then put the orders in a file dedicated to not just the customer, but the customer’s specific project. We have found this system works best for preventing mix-ups and lost orders. We use the same process when preparing quotes, so you can know exactly what each item costs.

What happens after I place my order?

Once you place your screen printing order, we adhere to the following process so your order is ready for the guaranteed delivery deadline.

  1. Your order is reviewed.
  2. We assign an artist/designer to work on the design and a screen printer to handle the job.
  3. Blank items are ordered with the purchase order identifying both which job the blanks are for and which printer the blanks should be delivered to.
  4. The artist focuses on the production art, proofing the design and preparing a worksheet to guide the printer.
  5. If any questions arise during any of the above steps, we contact you via phone and/or email.
  6. Before the job goes to print, the artist/designer sends you an email proof for you to sign off on.
  7. After approval, the screen printer takes over.
  8. When your order is ready, we either ship it to you or let you pick it up.

How quickly will I receive my order?

BluePDX aims for fast turnaround. In most cases, we are able to ship your order in 1 – 2 days, with delivery within 7 – 14 days, depending on which shipping option you choose. If you need an order in a rush, we offer rush delivery for an extra fee.

How do I pay for my order?

We use PayPal Portal with all our online customers. This lets you use your preferred payment method—e-Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

What if I have a problem with my order?

We do our best to make sure your order is exactly what you expected, but we recognize that errors occur. If you ever have a problem with your order, you can rest in our 100% satisfaction, or your money back guarantee. If our work doesn’t add the value to your life we promised, we will make it right.

How can I be sure my artwork will screen print as a clear, sharp image?

In screen printing, everything depends on DPI, dots per inch. At BluePDX, we won’t work with images that print with less than 200 DPI at actual print size, because the screen printing process is a bit like comparing a photocopy of a photograph to the original photo. There is an inherent loss of resolution between the digital image and the stencil-like screen. The higher the DPI, the more clarity we are able to achieve.

Where is BluePDX located?

BluePDX is located in Vancouver, WA.